Health Merchant Program – Organic Food Store

What is the Health Merchant Program?

The Health Merchant Program is a new online turn-key organic food store offered by Green Polkadot Box, for anyone who wants to own an online organic and non-GMO food store.  It is a turn-key store that is a one-time purchase and the store is opened up with the new owner able to send customers to the store almost immediately.  No waiting to build out a website, order products or any other normal store operations that require a lot of time.

The Green box company has successfully built up a large customer base and wants to expand its reach and spread its message of clean organic foods.  The company has made a firm stand against GMO foods since its inception in 2008 and store launch 2011.  This is one of the better opportunities in the Organic Foods industry that I have seen for quite a while.


The Health Merchant Opportunity

This would be a ready to turn on organic food store with 2500 non-GMO foods and products.  Gregg polka dot box would handle all of the logistical types of activities.  This includes vendor relationships which have been established for 4 years.  Inventory decisions on which products to carry and inventory ordering and warehousing.  All shipping and order processing would also be handled.  Their customer service department would handle all customer requests.

In fact the only real duty of the store owner would be to bring in customers.


Gaining Customers

This is really the job of the owner.  Finding counters.  Green box company supplies a full media kit with branded flyers, banners, business cards and most any other business media type products to market the store.  Then the job is to gain email addresses  and contacts from every day ac5tivities or online.  Some of the existing health merchants have gone into the program with online fans numbering in the thousands.  Others have blogs with tens of thousands of readers.  But others have already gained customers or are building a large email list coming into the program with none of those initial advantages.

Another group of Health Merchants have come in with clients or customers base.  this would include chiropractors or wellness coaches.  These have been some of the more interested in the program.  Additionally, some doctors and others with clients have joined.


Who are some Current Health Merchants?

Currently the top Health Merchant is  Some of the more prominent Health Merchants as far as visibility include Moms Across America with its hundreds of thousands of members as well March against Monsanto with its 750,000 member following which has become a health merchant. Moms Across America (MAA) Founder Zen Honeycutt, has said that the being a Health Merchant (HM) aligns well with the mission of GPDB as it empowers mothers everywhere to  have control over their shopping and fight against GMOs.

Tami Canal, the Founder and also National Director of March Against Monsanto (“MAM”) has stated that March Against Monsanto has become a Health Merchant to give its 800,000 members a way to shop against Monsanto daily as opposed to a march against Monsanto just once a year.  In fact they have named their Heath Merchant store Shop Against Monsanto.

Two large online magazines with a reach of over a million readers have also joined the health merchant partnership program.

It is interesting to note that currently the most successful merchant with the most customers came into the program with no social media presence and no email list or customer base.  He found a few very successful ways to attract numbers of customers.


Promotion Kit

Once customers and email subscribers have been gathered, included with the store is promo kit which are very compelling graphics that go out to the stores’ email list weekly announcing sales which are usually once or twice per week.  These have been shown to convert around 3x the normal rate for the industry.  This is one of the best parts of the Health Merchant store.  The store owner can also choose which promos go out to his customers.  If the owner would prefer a real hands off approach this can be left on auto pilot and all promo emails will go to all his customers.

Why would someone want to have a promo not go out?  One example might be a store owner that is vegan and whose customers are primarily vegan.  Then any promo announcing a sale on grass fed beef could be omitted from the emailed promotions.


What is the Green Polkadot Box?

This company started around 2008 and launched its  store with orders commencing in December of 2011.  During the past 4 years their shipping and order fulfillment has evolved and today it is very efficient.  The shipments arrive in triple walled cardboard boxes rather than the standard weaker 2 ply boxes.  As well if the shipment is large enough the items are packed inside double walled inner boxes which are fitted inside the outer triple walled boxes.

The prices are regularly 35% lower than a local health food store or national store such as Whole foods.  And they are shipped right to the customers door.  Customer loyalty has been high with this company and should be with the Health Merchant stores as well.

The company mission is to sell only 100% non-GMO foods and get access to clean foods to every family in America.  They define clean foods as non only organic, but non-GMO and with no harmful ingredients that includes pesticides and harmful rancid oils.

They are also distributors of two high end unique supplement products of Cardio Miracle and Appethyl.  Cardio Miracle is a high end nitric oxide supplement that includes other ingredients proven to extend the benefits of the nitric oxide from a normal 45 minutes to 8-12 hours.  Appethyl is the organic spinach extract product that naturally suppress appetite. The natural appetite suppressant has received a few awards and has been very well received during the past year due to high effectiveness in curbing hunger naturally.

The Health merchant store owner would be able to participate as actively or not as he would in analytics of his store while focusing on the main task.  Sharing the news of the store and its mission and building a customer base while letting the Green Polkadot Box company handle all the logistics.


This has the potential to be very rewarding for the person willing to work hard or is passionate about the organic and non-GMO food movement.  I am impressed that several large organizations have become part of this partnership.  With three as prominent in the non-GMO movement such as Moms Across America, Rocky Mountain Naturals and March Against Monsanto, the program must have some great potential opportunity.  I will be watching how this program develops but in its early stages it looks very promising.