Appethyl Review – Where to Buy Spinach Extract

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put some powder into water or a smoothie, drink it and have instant will power against food?  While Appethyl Spinach Extract isn’t exactly magic, it is helping people everywhere to have that will power and appetite control.

You have likely seen the explosion of interest in this new powerful Spinach Extract appetite suppressant and perhaps seen it on the cover of the recent Women’s World Magazine. (I don’t normally get into all those magazines but I had to buy that one.)  You may be wondering where to buy appethyl, does it work and is it safe?

If you already know you want to buy Appethyl, you can just stop reading and go buy it at my favorite organic food store,  Rocky Mountain Naturals.  Or you could keep reading.

Rocky Mountain lowers its price to $39 and offers Free Shipping in July 2016 (woohoo).

Appethyl Spinach ExtractThe best Appethyl review I have read, the one that convinced me and covers the product in great detail can be found at Rocky Mountain’s related website.

The site has very good detailed, but easy to understand information on the clinical trials the product has undergone, tips on how to take it and how it works.

That site owner has interviewed and talked with the CEO of the United States authorized distribution company for the Spinach Extract.  As of 2015 the two companies are now partnered with GPDB being Rocky’s distributor.

If you would really like to try Appethyl buy it at the suggested retailer, Rocky Mountain Naturals, which has the best price I have found.  They also now offer free shipping on the spinach extract powder.  I have gained much of my initial information from that site.

In fact, I first heard about this product on a site all about thylakoids where they linked to a review on Rocky Mountain naturals’ website.

That is the first review I read on it and so I ordered it from Rocky.  It was almost $50 at the time but now a lot lower with free shipping.

I know their site still says free shipping over $150 but if you only order the appetite suppressant it is free shipping.  I wish they would fix that error.

Why am I personally excited about this natural appetite suppressant?

Well, for one thing I lost almost 30 pounds (28 to be exact) that I had carried around like baggage for years.

And (almost) as exciting was that several of my friends struggle with the biggest hurdle of losing weight – being hungry all the time.  And this has helped every one of them and it is all natural, one organic ingredient.  That is why I looked into this and used it.  Now on to the information.

August 2016 update. For this review, I want to briefly highlight some topics then cover them in more detail near the end so those that want shorter answers can get them more quickly. What this review covers:

What is Appethyl?

Where can I buy it?

Does it work?

Clinical Trials


What is Appethyl Spinach Extract?

Appethyl is a spinach extract uniquely processed so that the thylakoids in the spinach become active and available to help the body send signals of being full sooner and helping the person taking it to have control over their hunger for 4-6 hours.

Thylakoids slow down the digestion of fats and carbs so that the two hormones that tell the brain that you are full can be produced faster and you feel full sooner.  All of this uses the body’s natural processes so there is no ramping up of the metabolism, no jittery feeling, no stress on the body.


How thylakoids work

This received Nutracon’s Ingredient of the Year award in 2013.  Nice!

As it is 100% organic spinach extract there are no possible negative extra ingredient reactions.  In all clinical trials, every participant lost weight and there were no reported side effects.  This is what makes this product such a unique and powerful ally in the battle to control hunger.


How Long has it been Sold in the United States?

Appethyl Spinach Extract, developed at Lund University in Stockholm, has been available in Europe since 2013 and has been very well received, especially  in its home country of Sweden.  After only several weeks, it became the number #1 selling supplement of any kind in Sweden’s largest Health Food Store Chain.  And it continues to be very popular in Europe.

Finally after waiting over a year, it became available in the United States in December of 2014, and it has already become very popular here as well.  I know of a few people who have also tried it for a couple weeks and after finding it effective,  they did what I did.  They stocked up with a 2 -3 months’ supply.

In its first 3 weeks on the market here in America, it became the number one selling product at Green Polkadot Box, the first and main distributor in the US.


Where to Buy Appethyl?

Although now available at a couple locations and also being included as part of a few “diet” products, the best place to buy Appethyl still seems to be at the Rocky Mountain Naturals store.  Ok, why do I think this is the best place to purchase? (Besides the fact that it is where I bought mine).

Buying it there brings a low price guarantee so you will always receive the lowest price.

This was the first store that carried it and it is partnered with the authorized distributor in the US, so it supplies Appethyl to the other couple places that sell it.  Here is a press release I read a year ago with that announcement from GreenLeaf Medical, the makers of the product.

Most of all, as I and my friends have learned, you also get access to all the other foods and products the company carries at the same time, in the same order.  I have been a repeat customer of Rocky Mountain Naturals since seeing my friends shop there.

Rocky Mountain is really like a buyers’ club (with no membership fee – which is nice), but offers the ability to buy in small quantities, even just one of each item.  They have over 2000 products at what is normally wholesale type of prices.  Green Polkadot Box is the partner and distribution company for Rocky.  That felt a little different at first, but it looks like it was a well chosen distributor for this new product.

According to an email from the store owner, once again the product has, since the release of the Women’s World magazine cover in early October 2015, become Rocky Mountain Natural’s fastest selling item.  So if you really would like to try Appethyl buy it as soon as you are able.

Does it Work?

As mentioned, it has been extremely popular in Sweden and other parts of Europe over the past 2 years.  In examining the 8 available clinical trials performed on this product through Lund University, it appears to have been effective for every participant in the studies by helping them curb their appetite. Appethyl spinach extract contains the extracted spinach with no other ingredients added making it all natural.

The Thylakoids, which are the extracted green leaf cell membranes, slow down the digestive process, allowing the hormones that tell your brain that you are full and satisfied, to be sent to the brain sooner.  You can also go to if you want to learn more about thylakoids.  Spinach was used as the source of the thylakoids, according to Greenleaf Medical (gl-medical), as it has an abundance of thylakoids.

The studies, undertaken by Lund University, that have used the product have shown that GLP-1, CCK and other satiety hormones that give you the feeling of being full are increased after even just the first dose.

Every participant experienced this and cravings for food in between meals decreased dramatically after even just one dose.  Most interesting is the cravings for sweets and junk food decreased even more than that for overall food, allowing a person to simply stop thinking about food in between meals.  This holds tremendous promise for those struggling with weight loss due to constantly being hungry.

It is this extra bonus of being powerful against Hedonic Hunger that holds such promise and relief for those that eat out of conditioning by years of eating junk food.  The hunger that is emotional and the body craves food for pleasure rather than nourishment.

Is it Safe?

This was important to me.  I like anything I eat to be clean and simple ingredients.  Kind of a rule of mine.  So a very important point is that being all natural with only one ingredient, no negative side effects were noted by any participants in any of the clinical trials.  This is in direct contrast to pharmaceutical appetite control pills which often result in cramps, nausea, and even liver problems.

Formal Summary

In Summary, this product appears to hold great potential for hunger management.  Interestingly, several diet type products have been adding Appethyl to their ingredient list, proving its effectiveness.  Unfortunately, the amounts in these is much smaller making it much less effective.  With Appethyl alone proving how effective it is, I think most people would be in a better position simply using the product alone in its most powerful form without any added ingredients.

For anyone that struggles with weight or has friends that fight the hunger battle, the claims of this product and clinical trial results demonstrate a real and safe potential with this product.  For more information, visit  It still appears to have the most up to date information and clear Appethyl review.


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  1. I have wanted to try this. If I understand the chart right I think I will it is tough losing the weight.


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